What is the Ideal Green Tea Dosage?

What is the ideal green tea dosage? There is no one answer to this question. The dosage depends on many factors. It is the function of quality of green leaf, caffeine content and the purpose for which it is used. When we talk of quality, it depends on the origin, soil conditions, seasons in which the leaf was plucked and processed, pesticides used etc. The purpose for which the green tea used varies but mainly to address the immune deficiency. So there is no one answer for green tea dosage. Nevertheless, I can give you some reliable information. You will tend to agree with me once you visit my website.

What is special about this tea? The reason is very simple. It has a great antioxidant called catechin. The substance in catechin known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is a potent antioxidant which is hundreds of times more powerful than vitamin E.

Cancer, cardiac problem, stroke, diabetes are all related to lifestyle diseases. Everything around us is contaminated. Instead of value for money low cost product, we started buying cheap product and end up risking our babies to lick the polluted toys. Not only the cells in our body are fast degenerating, our mind also is degenerated propelling us to buy cheap products including the food. Under this condition, the oxidation process impacts us faster than normal. We look aged when we are young. We have heart attack when we are 40.

What is the solution? Nutrition is the only answer. The nutrition that Ibutamoren sarm has rich in antioxidant provides a good immune system. Nutrition provides quality blood. The heart will be healthy. The blood vessel will be stronger. The blood will flow to smoothly providing oxygen and nutrition to 100 trillion cells in our body. In such a situation, what external forces can shake our health? This is the great strength of antioxidants. They will ensure that the free radicals are scavenged and provided with the lost proton so that the degeneration is not abnormal. Abnormal degeneration is the cause of all the health problems.

While all the food we take has antioxidant, why only green tea? This is because only in that tea the antioxidant is abundant. The sheer quantum of this substance catechin, particularly EGCG present in this tea makes this attractive proposition. Let us now turn our discussion to green tea dosage.

25% of the green tea extract has catechin. 50% of the catechin is EGCG. Around 5% is caffeine. This is the content from best quality tea extract. When you buy the extract in capsule form, you should know that not all the powder inside has antioxidant in it. It should be standardized to provide 55% EGCG. If you take a 500 mg capsule, 275 mg EGCG per day should be sufficient.